Academic Coaching

Description:  This service is for virtual or home-school students who can work independently but need access to a coach for immediate help with questions and support throughout their school day.  Students will also have the opportunity to interact with peers, eat lunch at the center, and recharge in our relaxing space.  Recommended for grades 6-12.


Students need to bring their lunch and their charged device.  Fridge and microwave available. 

Cost: $65 per day

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 7:05am - 3pm

    *Need an extra hour? 

Try one of our after-school classes!

ACT Test Prep

Description:  This service is designed for students in grades 9-12 who are preparing to take the ACT. Taught by a licensed teacher.  Students are encouraged to purchase a workbook.

Schedule Spring 2021

Week of March 1:  English

Week of March 8: Math

Week of March 15: Reading

Week of March 22: Science

Week of March 29: Writing

Week of April 5: Practice Test

Week of April 12: Practice Test

CLICK HERE for registration for the ACT test ON APRIL 17.

Cost: $15 per class

Mondays, Wednesdays  3pm - 4pm

Study Hacks

Description:  Open to all students in grades 6-12, this course will teach students time-saving and brain-saving tips for studying, planning, writing, and more. Taught by a licensed teacher. 

Cost: $15 per class

Mondays  3pm - 4pm

Homework Hangout

Description:  This service is offered for students to stay an additional hour to complete homework after the school day.  Offered as an add-on to Academic Coaching only. 

Cost: $8

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays   3pm - 4pm


Description:  This service is fully customizable based on your child's needs.  Whether your child needs help with completing assignments, catching up on lost skills in reading or math, or help with more advanced high school classes, we can match your child with a tutor that will review your goals and customize a plan for you.  

Cost: $55/ hour for 1:1 sessions (offered face to face or remote)

Hours: By appointment

Homeschool Curious?

Description:  Curious about homeschool for your child but don't know where to start?  This service is a free consultation to answer questions and guide you through the process should you choose this route for your child. 

Cost: FREE