Whether your child is temporarily enrolled in virtual learning or you are considering homeschooling but need extra support, you'll find a welcoming home here at Connect Learning located in Montgomery, Ohio.

​Does your teen struggle with high anxiety about school? In addition to providing academic support, our coaches help students with organization, planning, and stress-management. Emotional wellness is a top priority for us. Our space is designed to maximize focus and relaxation and includes a hammock swing, massage chairs, exercise balls, and private study areas.

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Director and Tutor

Terri holds a Master’s degree in Secondary Education and has licenses in Science, Administration, and Special Education.  She has 20 years of educational experience in both virtual and face to face school settings. Terri also has an adolescent with special needs and takes a special interest in helping students overcome obstacles to reach their full potential.

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Academic Coach and Tutor

Trent holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and has worked with students from K-12 as well as college students.  Trent helps his students succeed by drawing on their strengths to promote and encourage their learning.  Trent will also complete a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling in May, 2021.

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Academic Coach and Tutor

Jessica Hamilton holds a Master's Degree and a Bachelor's Degree in Education and has 20 years of experience teaching gifted education, elementary education, and college students. Jessica also has a teenage child that has challenges with executive function skills and the virtual learning environment. She has studied these areas to aid her son and others in the areas of effective learning strategies, test-taking tips, and other evidence based learning techniques.